Blockchain Market Intelligence for Healthcare - Starter Set

Blockchain Market Intelligence for Healthcare - Starter Set

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Discover 400+ Blockchain Healthcare Projects NOW!

Jump start your market research or blockchain intelligence NLP entity classification with our data solution starter set. Get instant access to select data points from 400+ blockchain initiatives worldwide across health centrist categories such as MedTech, AgriTech, Cannabis/CBD, InsurTech, Enterprise and even Veterinary!

Starter Set .csv Download File Includes: 

These are the names of companies with initiatives that fall within the purview of health centrist blockchain innovation. Some initiatives are companies built around core tech they themselves are bringing to market (i.e. start-ups). Other initiatives are embedded within larger organizations, in which case we list the parent company. 

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that blockchain technology is redefining the meaning of healthcare delivery. Our experience has shown us that it is possible for this technology to commoditize integrity across several select, yet disparate industries, all of which have the same underlying mission- improve quality of life. We thereby categorize applicable organizations and enterprise initiatives into an expanded list of categories rather than just general clinical care delivery for humans. 

Company Description: 
This content details the company or initiative pulled from organic sources of truth i.e. website, white paper etc. We consolidate this information resulting in a more comprehensive description than your average company profile, which can be very useful for meta content text analysis.

Key Focus Area: 
Key theme i.e. primary objective a mission statement would be built around. Best described as a phrase match keyword.

Key words: 
Primary and secondary phrase match keywords harvested directly from sources of truth i.e. website and formal documentation such as white paper, pitch decks etc.

Operating Status: 
Healthcare initiatives made a major push in the early days of blockchain proliferation. A lot of initiatives either got taken down due to breaching regulatory requirements or came to market with hyper focused use cases that failed to gain traction. A handful were even flat out fraudulent. The ability to compare what’s failed to what’s been successful by providing data on both active and closed initiatives is a principle we want our data consumers to be able to explore.